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Article Written By : Fircroft Tree Surgery Ltd

Maintaining the garden or having a plantation around your house, you shall always be in need of professionals to help you out with it. be it the study of right kind of fertilizers, how to cut the crop or improper growth of trees which is harming your garden a tree surgeon is a person who can be of your help!

Who is a tree surgeon?

A tree surgeon is a professional who is an expert with the maintenance of trees and its growth while making it easier to grow in the right shape and structure. The services offered by them mostly include wood chippings, crown reduction and thinning, removal of deadwood or even weed control. With their expert guidance you shall be able to maintain a perfect plantation which is evenly decorated with the perfectly shaped trees and plants.

What are the services offered by tree surgeons?

Crown lifting and reduction – Reduction of the overall size of the tree for preventing from uneven growth and misshaping of the plantation is done here. Cutting down the dead branches and extra layers of unwanted wood is all covered in crown lifting.

Construction site clearance – Cleaning the trees and plants from a ground safely to let the construction be carried in the space.

Replanting – Providing the right plants for your plantation needs, planting them or hedging suiting your needs.

Tree surgeons are the experts who deal with the entire tree related problems, plantation and uprooting.